Let’s face it, cords are a pain in the butt!

No cord is ever long enough.

It never fails that you always seem to run out of cord during the last 5 ft. of the space you are cleaning.

It’s so frustrating…and we haven’t even mentioned the cord dance. You know, that strategic dance you do with the vacuum while holding the cord in the other hand all so you don’t run it over or get it caught. That is why this page dedicated to the best cordless vacuum choices was created. We’ve updated our list just in time for the new 2018 shopping season so that you are fully up to date!

So it begs the question, “Why do we put up with it”? Let’s end the madness now!

ImageCordless VacuumRating (/5)PriceWeight (lbs)Charge Time (hrs)Latest Price
Shark Navigator4.4$$7.54
Hoover Linx4.4$103
Dyson V64.4$$$9.33
Black & Decker Dustbuster4.2$3.524
Dirt Devil Accucharge3.9$3.256

Traditionally speaking, corded vacuums were more powerful and better equipped to with larger debris, carpets and generally larger and tougher messes. In addition, the first batteries had a very short run time. But these are all issues of the past. Like all other advancements in any technology, the majority of them now are better able to deal with difficult messes and have longer battery run time so you can clean your whole house before it dies.

When discussing the pros there is something much more appealing to users: convenience. How many times have you had to haul out your large clunky vacuum all for the sake of cleaning a small messes in the kitchen? The nice thing about these vacuums is that the majority are all light weight and compact and easy store. Below we feature our best 5 choices and provide links to our full review/overviews.

1- Dyson DC59 (the best cordless vacuum based on reviews)

best cordless vacuum 2018Dyson DC59 – The Dyson DC59 is 2018’s top vacuum choice for fans of cordless! It is not just a stick vacuum but a lot more than that. It offers a stick vacuum with a convertible handheld along with a multitude of attachments to enable cleaning of the entire house from floor to ceiling and everything in between. The stick vacuum has a balanced, ergonomic design with the center of gravity located near the grip for easy handling of the machine. The floor head gets detached and the extended wand can be used for cleaning the ceilings, wall décor and other hard to reach areas. Not just that, but the wand is detachable too and converts into a small handheld vacuum that can handle the daunting task of cleaning your stairs and car interiors and much more. Complete with different kinds of attachments and tools, this vacuum ensures that you have an all-rounder machine for your entire home.

Talk about battery and run time and this vacuum truly shines. It boasts a Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery that provides 20 minutes of runtime in high suction power, 15 minutes with the motorized brush roll on and 6 minutes with the boost mode on.

If performance is your concern, the DC59 is truly an exception among all other models that compromise on performance. The DC59 easily out cleans the top 5 full-size vacuum cleaners even without a cord. Though expensive at around $500, the DC59 is highly recommended for people who can afford it. It’s the best cordless vacuum out there. Read our full review.

2- Shark Navigator Freestyle

Shark Navigator Freestyle – An upright vacuum cleaner, the Shark Navigator Freestyle gives you cordless convenience combined with the superb performance of the Shark Navigator series. Being cordless means you can use it anytime and anywhere you want without the need to find an outlet. Use it for on-the-spot cleaning by just grabbing the lightweight Shark Navigator Freestyle from its charging base and using it wherever you want. Its lightweight and minimal design gives you utmost convenience and makes it very easy to use. Use it to pick up surface litter or deep clean your carpets and rugs.

It boasts a 14.4V Nickel Hydride battery that gives you fade free power for about 12 minutes on carpet and 17 minutes on bare floors. The charging base is also used for storage so you can keep the machine on charge when not in use, keeping it ready for a clean-up whenever you need it.

The Shark Navigator Freestyle delivers excellent performance on carpets with a powerful motorized brush roll that is effective at lifting up deeply embedded dirt and pet hair off your carpets. It also features a swivel head, making it easy to maneuver this machine around your house. For under $100, this cordless upright vacuum is highly recommended for households that need regular cleaning but want a simple and lightweight machine to handle the daunting task of cleaning their floors. Read our full review.

3- Hoover Linx

Hoover Linx – The Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum gives you the perfect combination of convenience and performance. This is Hoover’s only stick vacuum with Wind Tunnel technology, which delivers strong power to lift up not only surface debris but also the dirt deeply embedded in your carpet. Wind Tunnel technology relies on 3 channels of airflow to produce suction instead of 1. This results in better cleaning performance. Plus, its powerful motorized brush roll does a good job of agitating the dirt loose from your carpet. With the option to switch off the brush roll, this stick vacuum is good for both carpet and bare floor.

As far as convenience is concerned, this lightweight machine weighing only 7.7lbs just can’t get any better. This lightweight machine is easy to carry around and with the swivel steering, maneuvering this machine isn’t a problem at all. It boasts a fade-free Lithium Ion battery that gives you about 15 minutes of runtime on full power. The battery charges fully within 3-4 hours. The battery removes and charges on its separate dock, which is really convenient as compared to other cordless models which have to be attached to a dock for charging.

The Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum gives you convenience and performance in a great package. If you have been putting off the cleaning task because you feel lazy thinking about using your chunky vacuum, this is the vacuum you need for all your on-the-spot cleaning needs. Read our full review.

4- Black & Decker Dustbuster

Black and Decker Dustbuster – If dirt is piling up on your curtains, fans, ceilings, car interiors and other hard to reach areas, you need a good cleaning companion that is small and lightweight for easy carrying. The Black and Decker Dustbuster gives you the convenience you need by being extremely lightweight, weighing at only 3 lbs., and being cordless. Its small and minimal design further makes it easy to carry around the house and store it.

While the Dustbuster is all about convenience, it gives remarkable performance as well. With a three stage filtration system, this vacuum gives high suction power to pick up all kinds of dirt and debris scattered in your house. Its wide nozzle allows for easy cleanups while its crevice tool is really helpful when cleaning in tight spaces. It also has a foldable brush tool that is good at lifting up dirt and pet hair off your upholstery and car interiors.

The Black and Decker Dustbuster comes with a Nickel Cadmium battery that is lightweight and gives you a long runtime of 20-40 minutes. You can keep the battery for charging when it’s not in use without harming it; hence, keeping the machine ready for use whenever you need it.
The Black and Decker Dustbuster is a highly recommended cleaning product for every household. It will help you do all the cleaning that you can’t easily do otherwise. Read our full review.

5- Dirt Devil Accucharge

Dirt Devil Accucharge – Another interesting choice for the best cordless vacuum for 2018 is the Dirt Devel Accucharge. If you are looking for a small version to have around your home as a complementary vacuum to your full sized one, this is the ideal choice. It’s reasonably priced, lightweight, and powerful to pick up all surface debris and dirt piling up in the house.

The Accucharge is popular mainly because of its Accucharge system of charge which detects when the battery is full and reduces current to a trickle to maintain battery life. Due to this feature, you can leave on the battery on charge without worrying about harming it. The charger is also Energy Star approved and is proven to save about 70% on electricity costs.

Nickel Cadmium battery performs really well and gives about 20 minutes of runtime in full charge. As far as suction power is concerned, this machine is quite powerful to do all kinds of small cleaning tasks. Since it is lightweight at only 3.25lbs. carrying it around isn’t a problem at all. Whether you need to clean your ceiling fans, wall décor, curtains, car interiors or other hard to reach areas, it can handle it all with its lightweight design, strong power, and two attachments that include a crevice tool and a dusting brush. Read our full review.

How to find the best cordless vacuum – some tips

There are times when it just doesn’t make sense to drag a full sized vacuum. Like, for example, your child spills a box of cereal on the floor or tracks dirt in your home. During those vacuuming emergencies, a cordless model can save you a lot of hassle, time and effort. Most of these vacuums lie quietly charging at one place until we need them. Then, with lightening quick speed, lightweight cordless convenience, and high suction power, they can suck all the dirt and debris away into the dirt container, leaving our home clean.

Cordless vacuums are usually not recommended as a replacement of a full sized vacuum cleaner as they just aren’t powerful enough and are not meant for deep carpet cleaning. They are rather intended for on-the-spot cleaning and for small tasks like cleaning walls, ceilings, furniture, stairs, car interiors and other hard to reach areas. But what makes a good cordless system? Here is what you should look for when buying cordless systems.

Stick vs. Handheld

Most cordless systems come in two types: stick vacuum and handheld vacuum. Stick vacuums are basically floor cleaners and most of them can’t be used for above floor cleaning. They are mostly recommended for homes that have hardwood floors and perhaps a few rugs that don’t require deep carpet cleaning.

On the other hand, handheld vacuums can handle all types of spot cleaning and small messes as well as above floor cleaning tasks. However, there are some vacuums like the Dyson DC65 which can convert from a stick vacuum to a handheld and can handle all kinds of cleaning tasks from floor to ceiling.


A cordless vacuum must be lightweight and easy to carry around. Most stick vacuums weigh around 7-8lbs. while handheld vacuums are as light as 3 lbs.

Battery, charger and runtime

Lithium-ion batteries give the best performance as they are powerful, fade-free and give the longest runtime. They are also lighter and smaller in size hence, the most lightweight machines will have Li-ion batteries. Nickel batteries on the other hand suffer from memory effect and their capacity drops after about 1000 cycles.

Another thing to consider is their charging system. All the top cordless models have chargers that only charge when needed; this allows you to keep the battery charging without overcharging and harming it.

Also, try to buy a model which has a docking station for charging and storage. This is more convenient and hassle free.

Attachments and tools

Cordless stick vacuums usually don’t come with extra attachments as they are mostly only floor cleaners. However, if you are buying a handheld vacuum, look for these attachments: crevice tool, extension wand, upholstery brush and pet hair tool (if pet hair is your problem.)


Lastly, check the rating on Amazon and customer reviews before making your purchase. These factors will help you buy a good cordless vacuum that is powerful, convenient and also versatile.

We hope that you have enjoyed this page featuring five choices for the best cordless vacuum in 2018. Happy vacuuming!