Welcome to our page dedicated to the best small vacuum available.

There are many (I would venture hundreds) of “smaller” vacuums available for a wide variety of sources.

Unfortunately more often than not, the customer is left with a cheaply made system that doesn’t perform in a comparable manner to a regular sized vacuum. Technology has come a long way and in 2018 there are many great choices that provide similar power and cleaning capabilities as some of the more expensive large sized vacuums available. Below we feature a table of our top choices for this year. We provide the ratings found on Amazon, the size and weight of the vacuum and the price point. The nice thing about the vacuums below is that they are incredibly light and will provide a great solution especially if you are looking for something small and compact. Best of luck in your search!

ImageSmall VacuumRating (/5)PriceWeight (lbs)Cord required?Latest Price
Hoover Air4.4$$3.4No
Eureka EasyClean4.4$4.8Yes
Bissell Eraser4.4$5Yes
Black & Decker Platinum4.3$$3.8No
Dirt Devil Featherlite3.9$$14Yes

Although we have provided full reviews or overviews for each vacuum displayed in the table above, if you are simply in a hurry and want some quick thoughts, please see below.

1- Black & Decker Platinum (Our top pick for the best small vacumm)

Black & Decker Platinum – A lightweight design, powerful cleaning, wide feature set, and versatility is what you get from the B&D Platinum handheld vacuum (and hence why many believe it really is the best small vacuum in 2018). Powered by a 20 V Lithium Ion battery that gives you fade free power and a runtime of 20 minutes in full charge, this vacuum handles all the cleaning tasks a handheld is supposed to do and it does it really well. SmartCharge system ensures the battery doesn’t charge when it’s full, helping you save on electricity costs and also ensuring long battery life. Plus, the battery has no memory effect, which allows you to keep the vacuum on its charging base for quietly charging until you need it.

The main highlight of the machine however, is its 4 ft. hose that you can rarely find in small handheld vacuums. The hose that extends to 4ft. can be used for all types of above floor and on-the-spot cleaning. Plus, it comes with a tool for lifting hair off your upholstery and stairs. When it comes to design and construction, it out performs all other small vacuums. Though it’s a bit odd looking and may be difficult to store, it is very lightweight to carry around considering its lithium ion battery and long hose. It weighs only about 3.8lbs. and hence, is easy to carry around with one hand while you do all the cleaning with the other. Read our full review.

2- Bissell Eraser

Bissell Eraser – The Bissell Eraser Handheld Vacuum is the ideal pick for someone who wants a small, powerful and versatile machine to do all those small cleaning tasks without paying a lot. Priced at under $30, this machine is a favorite among customers and has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 1,800 customer reviews till date.

For one, it is corded, which means there is no hassle of charging a battery, and with a 16ft. power cord with a cord wrap system, it gives you a large operating radius. Moreover, a 4 amp motor gives it plenty of power to handle everything a small handheld is supposed to do. Second, its small, lightweight and compact design is really convenient to carry around and store. Weighing under 4 lbs. it’s very easy to move around. Third, it comes with two simple yet powerful attachments: a hard nozzle and a flexible rubber contour nozzle. The hard nozzle picks up surface debris and litter from floors and other surfaces while the rubber contour nozzle is very effective at lifting up dirt and hair off your upholstery and carpeted stairs.

Its strong suction power combined with the rubber contour attachment will actually erase the problem of hair from your home. With the Bissell Eraser, you can clean debris right on spot when they shed rather than waiting for your weekly vacuuming to clean them. Read our full review.

3- Hoover Linx Handheld

Hoover Linx Handheld – The Hoover Platinum Linx Handheld gives you everything you should look for in a small vacuum: ease of use, cordless convenience, maneuverability, versatility, lots of power and good battery performance. It combines all these factors in a very nice, small, lightweight package that only weighs about 3.3 lbs. and is compactly designed for easy storage.

It boasts an 18 V Lithium Ion battery that gives it plenty of power and a runtime of 10-30 minutes in full charge. The battery has no memory effect and can be left on quietly charging without overcharging or harming it. Plus, the strong Lithium-Ion battery ensures that you get fade free power.

Talk about performance and the Hoover Platinum Handheld will surprise anyone. It comes with a motorized brush roll, a feature that most other small vacuums especially in this size usually lack. The motorized brush roll helps you lift up stubborn dirt and debris off your upholstery and carpeted stairs. Apart from that, the hair tangle attachment completely solves the problem of hair; it has three blade like bristles that attract even the finest pieces of hair and suck them right in the bin. Not only this, but the Hoover Platinum Linx also includes a dusting brush to help you clean delicate surfaces like your décor and furniture. All the attachments have 25 degree pivot design for easy maneuverability. Hence with the Hoover Platinum Linx, you get all these great features in a small and compact design. Check out our full review.

4- Eureka EasyClean

Eureka EasyClean – Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with more than 4000 customer reviews till date, the Eureka Easy Clean is no doubt the favorite handheld vacuum among customers. With two motors each powering the suction and the brush roll, it really does a thorough cleaning job. Its suction power is simply the best among small handheld vacuums. Many people consider the corded design to be a bit of a downer but such strong suction power could only be generated by a corded machine. Being corded means it is more powerful than other cordless handheld vacuums, more convenient for cleaning as there are no battery constraints, and longer lasting as there is no battery that will fail.

As far as features are concerned, the Easy Clean truly shines. It features a motorized brush roll, which is rarely found on handheld vacuums. The brush roll enables deep cleaning of your carpeted stairs, upholstery and car interiors. Another unique feature is the Riser Visor, which allows you to clean horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Riser Visor is a nozzle cover that flips down to allow cleaning of horizontal surfaces and flips up for cleaning vertical surfaces. Not only this but this model also comes with a hose that extends to three times its length and comes with a crevice tool for cleaning all nooks and crannies where dirt keeps piling up.

This model is the ultimate in small handheld vacuums. Though it is corded, its advanced feature set and superb performance are totally worthwhile. Take a look at the review.

5- Dirt Devil Featherlite

Dirt Devil Featherlite – Another strong candidate for the best small vacuum is the Featherlite system. If you have easy-to-clean surfaces in your home and need a vacuum cleaner that is small but versatile to let you handle all kinds of cleaning tasks from floor to ceiling, the Dirt Devil Featherlite is the answer for you. It gives you versatility, power to pick up all kinds of surface debris and dirt, and lightweight convenience in a small package that weighs about 9lbs.

his model is actually a canister vacuum with rubber wheels as well as a handle so, you can roll it on the floor for easy maneuverability or carry it in your hands to reach difficult spaces in your home for cleaning. The canister vacuum comes with a 7ft. hose that allows you to clean floors and handle all types of above floor cleaning like dusting the furniture, blinds, curtains, upholstery, ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas. The hose comes with a floor head, which can be used for cleaning hardwood surfaces as well as for picking up surface debris from carpet and rugs. Apart from this, it comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush for more versatility.

As far as performance and power is concerned, you will be surprised at how powerful this little machine is. A 10 amp motor gives you the power of a full sized vacuum combined with lightweight convenience for ease of use. Along with cyclonic filtration and HEPA filter, the Featherlite will give you a cleaning performance that will not disappoint. Interested? Click here for more info.


What to look for when buying a Small vacuum?

Small vacuums are really handy at cleaning small messes around the house and for cleaning tight spaces where a full sized vacuum can’t reach. A small vacuum cleaner is recommended for every household as it helps you clean spills, and dirt right on spot. You don’t need to wait for your weekly vacuuming schedule; you can clean the mess right on spot with a handheld vacuum that is resting in a corner ready to use. But what makes a good small vacuum? Here are some factors to look for.

Size and Weight

This is obviously the first thing to look for when buying a small vacuum. Consider the weight of the machine; it should be lightweight to easily carry around. Most top performing models weigh around 3 lbs. The size should also be compact for easy storage and handling.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded models save you the hassle of charging and maintaining a battery. However, they have to be plugged in and so, usability can be limited. It depends where you plan to clean and if you have an access to an outlet there. On the other hand, cordless vacuums are convenient to use and they save you the hassle of plugging the machine in. However, batteries are not easy to manage. They easily lose their capacity after using it for some time.

Choosing between the two depends on your personal preference and cleaning needs. Like if you plan to clean your car interiors, getting a cordless vacuum is more preferable. And if you want a machine that will keep going on and on without running out of power and if you won’t be using it too far from the power outlet, getting a corded vacuum may be worth it. If you are buying a corded vacuum, make sure the cord is long enough and has a cord wrap or a cord rewind system for easy storage.

Well there you have it. We hope that you have enjoyed your stay, gained some valuable information from our 2018 comparison chart, and that you are able to find the best small vacuum to fit your needs. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.