Bissel CleanView review

It isn’t easy to find a vacuum under $100 that offers decent performance. Most vacuums in this range deliver poor suction power and don’t clean well. However, the Bissell CleanView is a clear exception. With a redesigned brush roll that picks up more dirt, great suction power with cyclonic technology, this one is a true winner among vacuums in this price range. This is one of the reasons why the Bissell CleanView is a bestseller on Amazon and has over 2000 customer reviews.

Redesigned brush roll

Bissell claims that this vacuum has a redesigned brush roll that will pick up more dirt in one pass. And this claim is confirmed by thousands of customer reviews which all say that it cleans quite well and better than other Bissell models or other vacuums in this range.

Although it won’t clean in just one pass but with a few more passes, it will clean the area perfectly. The redesigned brush roll reduces the number of passes you need to clean an area, hence reducing cleaning time.

90 degree rotating vacuum

Although the vacuum doesn’t have swivel technology, but it does rotate close to 90 degree which makes it easy to recline and clean under low furniture.

Cyclonic technology

With a vacuum under $100, cyclonic technology is a big deal. The cyclonic technology creates a high speed rotating vortex that separates fine dirt from air and prevents the filters from clogging. This keeps suction power strong even as the dirt bin is filling up. Hence, it delivers excellent suction power and makes it really great on carpets.

Filtration system

The Bissell’s strongest advantage is that it uses two filters, the pre motor filter and a post motor filter. The post motor filter traps most indoor allergens and keeps them trapped, preventing them from blowing back outside. This is best for people suffering from asthma and allergies.
25ft. cord length

The Bissell CleanView comes with a 25ft. cord, which makes it convenient to clean larger rooms without the need to find another outlet.


Although it doesn’t have the performance and features you get from other models like Dyson, Hoover, and Shark, but for $80, it compares pretty well with them. It is best recommended for small to medium households who want a vacuum that will clean well without breaking their bank.

One problem with this machine is that it doesn’t have swivel technology and so, maneuverability is limited. However, weighing just 15 lbs. users don’t have problems moving this thing around.

Another problem is that there is no brush roll shut off feature, which makes it unsuitable for hard surfaces.
Plus, with a low clearance, it has a plowing effect on bigger debris even on carpets. However, the problem can be rectified if high pile carpet settings are used.

Overall, this machine is made for cleaning carpets and with about 3 attachments and a hose included, it does have some versatility in it.

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