Bissell Eraser

Although many upright and canister vacuums are sold as all-rounder machines, it’s not really easy to lug those chunky machines for small tasks like cleaning the dirt from your upholstery, car, and stairs. Likewise, when you have a pet, you would know how often they shed hair. If thinking about cleaning and vacuuming with your full size machine makes you lazy, you need a handy little cleaning tool that is resting right there on the shelf, ready to use.

This is what Bissell Eraser Handheld vacuum provides you. The name Eraser truly fits it. It’s as easy to use as a pencil eraser. It offers powerful performance of a 4 amp motor coupled with 2 simple yet powerful attachments that will let you pick up pet hair and other types of deeply embedded dirt as well as spills from the floor. Priced at just under $30, this vacuum is the best you can buy for your money.
Size and weight

It has a very compact and lightweight design, measuring 10 by 5 by 8 inches and weighing under 4 pounds. You will have no problem carrying the machine around for cleaning. Plus, when it’s time to store, it can be conveniently kept in any tight space on a shelf due to its compact design.
16ft. power cord

Using corded or cordless vacuum really comes down to a person’s own preference. Some people find a corded machine more convenient as there is no hassle of charging and running out of battery. However, when using a corded vacuum, it is very important to have a long cord length so that it’s easy to clean around the house without the need to plug it again and again. And that’s why the 16ft cord along with the cord wrap system on the Bissell Eraser come very handy.


Even a small handheld vacuum should have versatility because of the many different cleaning tasks you have around the house. The Bissell Eraser comes with a rubber contour nozzle that picks up stubborn pet hair and even dirt and dust from upholstery and stairs. The contour nozzle is more powerful and efficient than motorized brushes, which easily clog with hair. It also comes with a hard nozzle that can be used to pick up spills and debris from the floor.


The Bissell Eraser can easily be called the best small vacuum for the price. The best thing about the vacuum is its price. Priced at under $30, if you avail discounts, this one offers the performance you need for small cleaning tasks around the house.

However, one deal-breaker is its lack of a dusting brush and a crevice tool, which most other small vacuums in this price range offer. Because of this lacking, it has some limitations. Like, you cannot clean the dust from your keyboard keys or your curtain blinds using this machine. And you cannot clean the crevices between your car seats.
However, if you can compromise on these downers and if your main problem is pet hair, this vacuum is a good steal, no doubt.

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