Black & Decker Platinum

When buying a small vacuum, we want a portable and lightweight design, cordless convenience, and suction that is powerful enough to do thorough cleaning in the areas that are hard to reach and where lugging a full size vacuum is inconvenient. That is what you get from Black & Decker Platinum.

Black & Decker has always been known for their DustBuster line, after they introduced the first ever handheld vacuum in 1979. The name is so popular that people often refer to any brand of handheld vacuum as a DustBuster. The Black & Decker Platinum is just another one of their handheld vacuums with a better battery performance and more useful features.

Here are some features that make the B&D Platinum one of the best small vacuums out there.


The B&D Platinum is 11.5 inches long with the hose in storage mode, 6.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches high when sitting on the base. Though this vacuum is a bit on the bulkier size, it is surprisingly lightweight to carry around. However, some people may find it hard to store it given its odd looking design. It weighs only 3.8 pounds, which is really lightweight to carry around considering that you will be carrying the vacuum body with one hand and using the hose with the other.

4ft. hose

You will hardly find any handheld vacuum with a hose that is 4 feet in length. This is the best feature in this vacuum. The 4ft. hose makes it really easy to clean hard-to-reach places like the ceiling fixtures, under the car seat, under and behind furniture, etc. Plus the hose can accept tools like crevice tool and the pet hair attachment. The hose is really flexible, which means no awkward turning of your wrist when reaching hard-to-reach spaces.

Lithium Ion Battery

It boasts a 20 V lithium ion battery that will give you superb suction power for a total of 16 minutes in full charge, which is enough to do what a handheld is supposed to. Plus, the battery doesn’t have any memory effect, which ensures long battery life. It has a SmartCharge system, approved by Energy Star, which makes sure it doesn’t charge when the battery is full. So, you can keep it on the charging base and always ready to use whenever you need it.


The only downer in this vacuum is its bulky size, odd looking design and its price. It is priced at $100, which is a bit high compared to its competitors. However, if you can afford to pay that much for a handheld, this vacuum can take care of all the small cleaning tasks around your house.

If you want a small vacuum to complement your full sized one for quick cleanups around the house and for reaching small and tight spaces where your full size vacuum can’t reach, the Black & Decker Platinum handheld is the ideal vacuum for you.

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