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Are Miele Vacuums Worth the Price?

Miele has been a trusted name in household appliances for over 100 years. As a brand, Miele is known for designing and manufacturing luxurious products that are built to last. Being synonymous with luxury, Miele products do come at a steep price that can prevent many from

Advantages of Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are little machines that can be used to clean small spaces. But, they offer so much more. Once you get your first handheld vacuum, you will begin to wonder how you went so long without one in your life. And, when you use it so

History of Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners seem like they have been in our world for a significant amount of time. And, they have been. Vacuum cleaners have been known by a variety of different names, but they all have the same goal: to use air as a vacuum to draw dirt

Things to look for when buying a vacuum

Everyone needs to have a vacuum to keep their household floors clean. Since most people are not out buying a vacuum on a daily basis, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest technology available in the newest vacuums. When you are ready to buy

Pros and Cons of Robotic Vacuums

The idea of a robotic vacuum is extremely attractive to people who want to keep their floors clean all of the time. Instead of getting the vacuum out of the closet, plugging it in, cleaning the floor, and putting the vacuum back again. It is much easier

Why are Dyson’s so popular?

There are a handful of vacuum cleaner brands that are household names. While some of the regular names have remained on the list, there is one new one that is dominating in brand recognition: Dyson. This brand has taken the vacuum world by storm. The vacuums are

How to remove pet hair from carpet

Pets offer great company at home. However, as we all know, they shed lots of hair as they move around the house. The hair combines with dust and may cause some allergies and create uncomfortable internal environment. This article focuses on the problem of what to do

How to clean pet hair from your home

Only a pet owner understands the pain and frustration of dealing with their stuck in the carpets rolling along the floor in your food in your cops everywhere that there. So what’s the solution how do we get rid of this ever-growing problem? Most inside pets shed

What are the best brands of vacuums?

While it sounds like a very simple discussion and I was expecting it to go a little something like this: Dyson Electrolux Shop-vac Hoover To 1500. etc I couldn’t have been more wrong. There really is no way to simplify the list and be accurate, as there

How often should you vacuum your home?

Pretty much everyone grew up the vacuum in the house. Whether it was a daily chore or something that was done just on weekends vacuuming was a regular occurrence. But how often does it really need to be done? Do you really need to vacuum every day?