Dirt Devil Accucharge Review

The Dirt Devil Accucharge is a simple yet effective cleaning product recommended for all households with children or pets who scatter mess around the house all day. When you have the Accucharge with you ready to use, picking up dirt and debris from your floors or anywhere is a breeze. Weighing only 3.25 pounds, it is very easy to carry around with you. Its battery performance truly shines, giving you not only a powerful handheld vacuum for quick cleanups around the house but also a product that will run just enough to let you do all the cleaning before it runs out of battery.

Here is why Dirt Devil Accucharge handheld is one of the favorites among consumers.

Accucharge System

The Accucharge system is the reason why this is a bestseller on Amazon. With the Accucharge system, it detects when the battery is full and reduces current to a trickle so that you can leave on the charger without worrying about overcharging the battery. This ensures the vacuum is always ready to use whenever you need it plus, also protecting the battery from degradation and ensuring a longer battery life and maximum runtime throughout its lifetime. Approved by Energy Star, it guarantees that you will save on electricity costs to as much as 70%.


The cordless handheld vacuum weighs only 3.25 lbs and is very easy to carry around and maneuver.


It comes with a foldable crevice tool that you can simply pull out to clean crevices and tight spaces. It also has a retractable brush tool for dusting. All attachments are stored on board so there is no fear of misplacing them.


Nickel Cadmium battery runs up to 20 minutes in full charge, according to customer reviews.


If you need a handheld cordless vacuum to complement your upright vacuum, Dirt Devil Accucharge is a good choice for you. It is best for quick clean-ups around the house. The cordless convenience makes it easy to clean spills and debris around the house without dragging out a big vacuum every time.

It has a decent suction power, powerful enough to pick up dirt and debris from bare floors and surface dirt from carpets. Since it comes with no brush roll, you can’t rely on it to deep clean your carpets. Also, it cannot be relied upon for removing pet hair since it has no pet hair attachment.

If you can live with these shortcomings, the Dirt Devil Accucharge handheld will not only prove to be a great companion but also a long lasting one. Since it has 3 years warranty, which is rarely found in vacuums in this price range, you can use it with peace of mind without worrying about buying another handheld vacuum during that time.

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