Dyson Animal Complete review

Talk about vacuum cleaners and Dyson always tops the list. There is no question if Dyson is the best vacuum for cleaning your floors because it obviously is. But are there enough features on the Dyson that make it a good vacuum for cleaning your stairs as well? With an extra-long hose, longer than most other vacuums out there and powerful attachments with a special stair tool, this one will definitely take away the hard work of cleaning stairs.

Instant high reach wand

All upright vacuums come with a hose but none are long enough to allow easy stair cleaning. However, the Dyson DC65 comes with a telescopic wand and a long reach hose that extends for easy stair cleaning. It has a maximum reach of 51ft from the power outlet.

Tangle free turbine tool

The best part about the DC65 that makes it great for easy stair cleaning is the tangle free turbine tool. You will find many upright vacuums that include a pet turbo brush but none of them are as effective and powerful as the turbine tool included with the DC65. It has flexible heads and articulating base plate, which make sure the brushes stay in close contact with the surface no matter how uneven it is. The heads is positioned so the brushes reach to the front and side of the tool, hence, sucking in hair and dirt from all directions. Another special feature about this attachment is that it is tangle free. Its counter rotating heads make sure that the hair you pick up doesn’t tangle in it.

Stair tool

The DC65 comes with a combination crevice and stair tool that can be used for easy and convenient stair cleaning.

Soft dusting brush

Whether you have carpeted stairs or non-carpeted stairs, you can clean them both with the DC65. It comes with a soft dusting brush that you can use on bare floors and non-carpeted floors to protect them from scratching.


One problem that most people face is with its design. The upright doesn’t easily click itself into the right position, getting the vacuum to come crashing down on the floor. While this is a flaw you can easily overlook, but the problem gets worse when you are using the hose to clean stairs as the upright easily tips over. Another problem is that there is no handle on the wand and you are forced to hold it at the base where the hose ends and the wand gets attached. This puts added strain on the wrist and makes it difficult to clean.

These problems are sure to test your patience especially when you are cleaning the stairs. But if you can live with that, the Dyson DC65 definitely has an edge over others. It has all the features you need for every type of cleaning task whether you want to clean whole rooms or the small areas where it is hard to drag a big vacuum. Though it is expensive at over $600, but its advanced features and a wide range of attachment tools make it worth the money.

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