Eureka Mighty Mite Review

Pets are simply adorable and no doubt you love your pet. However, you don’t need to breathe in the air that is full of allergens left behind by your pets. If you are frustrated because of the pet hair that has been embedded deeply in your carpets and scattered everywhere on your upholstery and floors, you need the power of the Eureka Mighty Mite Lover 3684F, which is a good, decent vacuum for pet hair at a very reasonable cost.

A lightweight canister vacuum, the Eureka 3684F has enough power to pick up all pet hair, dirt, dust and allergens, leaving your house cleaner than ever.

Powerful 12 amp motor

The powerful 12 amp motor gives the Eureka 3684F enough suction power to pick up all debris left by your pets and also dirt and dust from your floors. With high suction power, it will take care of all your cleaning chores. With adjustable suction power, you can clean different surfaces by adjusting the suction.

HEPA filter

The advanced HEPA filter can capture and retain 99.97% of pet dander and dirt particles and prevent them from blowing back in the air you breathe.

Pet Power Paw Attachment

With the Pet Power Paw Attachment, you can clean your upholstery, carpeted stairs and other hard to reach areas without any problem. The plastic teeth on the attachment loosen pet hair from upholstery while the rubber strips pull the hair safely from these and the bristles help to suck them up.

Odor absorbing dust bag

The Eureka 3684F comes with an odor-absorbing dust bag, which absorbs foul pet odors and other airborne allergens that have been left by your pets.

Lightweight and compact design

The 3684F comes at only 9 lbs. which makes it great for carrying around your house and cleaning every nook and cranny. The large rear wheels make it easy to transport the canister with you.


As far as performance is concerned, the 3684F truly lives up to its claims. It has superb power to pick up all pet hair left behind by your furry friends. Although not a high end model and lacking many features that pet owners find extremely useful, this lightweight and compact canister vacuum still does a pretty good job of cleaning the house and is a good vacuum priced at only $80. Given its excellent cleaning performance, lightweight design, and many other useful features, the 3684F is definitely the best you can find at this price.

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