Hoover Platinum Linx review

When it’s time to clean your stairs, whether carpeted or non-carpeted, you are sure to face a hell of a time, dragging your huge vacuum on the stairs or using its hose and getting the upright to tip over again and again. Plus, is there any vacuum that comes with a hose that is long enough to go all the way up your stairs? Cleaning your steps is all about efforts and hard work unless you have the convenience of a cordless stick vacuum from Hoover. It is Hoover’s only stick vacuum with their patented WindTunnel technology and is sure to transform your daily cleaning tasks especially those small but critical ones like cleaning the stairs.

Cordless vacuum

The hardest part when cleaning your steps is to drag a vacuum with a long cord that keeps coming in your way. It will surely leave you frustrated because not only it takes more time but most cords are not long enough and you will have to keep unplugging and re-plugging your vacuum.

That is why the convenience of a cordless vacuum is so valuable. Being cordless, it truly delivers the convenience you need when doing the small cleaning jobs like cleaning the garage, car mats, or stairs without having to find an outlet.

Linx 18V Interchangeable Lithium Ion Battery

Powered by a Linx 18V Lithium Ion battery, it makes sure you can clean persistently without running out of power. The battery will last long enough for you to clean the stairs and even more. Plus, there are replacement batteries available in case the battery fails. The charge indicator tells you how much battery life is left so you can conveniently clean without any problem.

Wide cleaning path

The wide vacuum head saves time as you can clean one step with one swipe of the vacuum. The vacuum head has edge cleaning bristles, which make it easy for you to clean the walls and corners of your stairs.


The Hoover Platinum Linx is recommended for small cleaning tasks in areas where it is not easy to drag a corded vacuum and where you cannot easily find an outlet. This includes cleaning your stairs. With a powerful battery and a cordless stick design, you can carry the vacuum easily anywhere you want without worrying about plugging it in. Although most customers are satisfied with the vacuum and many feel it saves hours of time and even makes vacuuming fun, some customers have commented that it feels awkward on stairs and should have another handle below. However, it just requires you to get used to it.

All in all, this vacuum is recommended for you if you have been putting off the cleaning task because of the time and effort required by chunky vacuums. Not only will this lightweight vacuum make cleaning easy and less time consuming but it will also make it fun with its sleek design.

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