Hoover T-Series Pet Rewind review

Designed especially with the power and strength needed to pick up what your furry friends leave behind, the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series is a must needed vacuum for keeping a house with a pet without all of the signs. So, if you have a pet that endlessly sheds, you need the power of a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum to keep your home clean from hair, dirt, dust, allergens and pet odor. The Hoover WindTunnel can do it all with its patented WindTunnel technology and ultra-strength of a powerful 12 amp motor.

Proprietary WindTunnel Technology

The Hoover T-Series Pet uses its patented WindTunnel technology that channels air from the vacuum nozzle to the capture reservoir without losing suction, thus cleaning your carpets and floors immaculately without blowing the debris back onto your floors. The WindTunnel technology gives your Hoover the power to pick up all the dirt and debris along with the pet hair left on your floors and carpets.

Powerful 12 amp Motor

When it comes to suction power, you don’t need a lot to pick up debris from your carpet once it is loosened from the carpet fibers. However, the powerful 12 amp motor on the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series gives enough power to the brush roll to loosen the debris from carpets without stalling deep into them and enough suction power to the vacuum to pick up the debris and transport it to the dirt canister where it belongs.

5 position manually adjustable brush roll and brush roll on/off pedal

Vacuuming on carpets isn’t as big a challenge as vacuuming on hardwood floors. This is why these two features are extremely valuable on the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series and make it one of the best vacuums at this price. With the 5 position manually adjustable brush roll, you can set the vacuum head down to where the brush roll is just contacting the floor. This allows you to easily transition between carpets and hardwood floors. Another handy feature, the brush roll on/off pedal, allows you to easily switch off the brush roll when you are moving onto hardwood so that it doesn’t scatter the debris around.

Cleanable charcoal and HEPA filter

The high capacity charcoal filter absorbs pet odors while the HEPA filter traps allergy causing pet dander and dust mite feces.

Turbo Tool for Cleaning Upholstery and Stairs

Vacuuming and cleaning your upholstery and stairs is a breeze with the Turbo tool containing rubber like blades instead of bristles. The rubber like blades traps pet hair and debris immaculately from upholstery and suctions it away.

Final Thoughts

Priced at under $150, the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series is certainly the best vacuum cleaner you can get for your hard earned money. Designed especially to clean pet hair and debris, the Hoover T-Series Pet combines the performance of high end vacuums with the price of lower end ones and is highly recommended for every house that has pets.

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