How often should you vacuum your home?

Pretty much everyone grew up the vacuum in the house. Whether it was a daily chore or something that was done just on weekends vacuuming was a regular occurrence. But how often does it really need to be done? Do you really need to vacuum every day? Does it make a difference? What if I have the newest vacuum, with all the bells and whistles, can I go once a month? When it’s all boiled down we want to know, how often should you vacuum your home?

There are several contributing factors to how often, how thoroughly, and whether you should, vacuum your home. Things like whether you have carpet or hardwood floors. Do you have higher traffic areas? Children? Animals? Outside conditions, weather, and wind? Do you have allergies? Is the house older and prone to mildew or dust? All of these things play a big part in the number of times a month you should vacuum. Even the brand and manufacturer’s suggestions of the flooring and the vacuum can play a key role in making sure your house is clean vs. your house looking tidy.

Let’s start off by looking at one of the easiest recommendations, the manufacturer’s suggestions. Often times you will find the flooring manufacturer has a notice for how and how often you should clean their product, follow their notice as closely as possible to insure you can make a claim on the warranty in the future. Each vacuum cleaner has its own specialty summer marketed as highly efficient summer backless some have HEPA filters and there’s many more models to choose from. Each one of these things contributes to the manufacturer’s suggestions as to how often you need to vacuum.

The best small vacuums such as handheld cordless and cheaper models, may require you to vacuum more often as they aren’t as strong as some of the more higher-priced specialty models. Even some of the more expensive HEPA models might require additional levels of vacuuming when you first start using them to get moulds vendors other particulates under control. But regardless of the type following the manufacturer’s suggested vacuum schedule is the best way to get the highest quality results.

You might think that no vacuuming is required if you’re lucky enough to have hardwood floors. Nothing could be further from the truth a simple sweeping will not get into the small groups and cracks between the floorboards and having no carpet means any dirt or dust bunny will easily float along the surface of the floor until he gets caught under or in something sitting on the floor. Hardwood is a lot like dark carpet, it’s really hard to notice smaller amounts of dirt and when you do notice it chances are it’s well beyond when it should have been cleaned.

Have you noticed areas by doors, stairways, and hallways, always seem a little dirtier? That’s because they have higher traffic and are more prone to dirt , debris and wear. These areas require additional cleaning to keep them looking like the rest of the house. But additional cleaning can also lead to additional wear. You must be gentle or at least gentler, when doing extra cleaning regularly in specific areas so as not to prematurely age the carpet or floor. I would even suggest looking for a vacuum with a gentler setting specifically for those areas.

What should we do about children and animals? The simplest step is to avoid both at all costs. That being said, not everyone would be happy without children or pets. Animals and children are often more destructive than all the problems combined. Having specific tools to deal with wet messes, tears, gum, and other problems associated with these little monsters, is the best way to ensure your floors survive. Adding a gentle cleaner or powder your carpet before vacuuming can increase the life and endurance of your floor immeasurably. Just be sure anything you use does not avoid the warranty on your vacuum.

How are you feeling today? If you have allergies and are prone to coughing with dust, let how you feel be a good way to gauge whether or not you need to do another deep floor vacuum. If you wake up congested or your head is pounding, I know the last thing you might want to do is vacuum, but it may be the quickest way to getting you feeling tip top again. There are several HEPA filter models that are designed especially for taking care of allergens and helping you get back to feeling like your old self again.

Finally, how do your floors look and smell? If they look clean, and they smell clean, chances are they are clean. Unless one of the other issues above is in play, you can sit back and give your vacuum a bit of a rest, read that book you have had sitting on your shelf since New Years and have a cup of tea. Your house is clean, and you’ve earned it.

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