How to clean pet hair from your home

Only a pet owner understands the pain and frustration of dealing with their stuck in the carpets rolling along the floor in your food in your cops everywhere that there. So what’s the solution how do we get rid of this ever-growing problem? Most inside pets shed year around unlike they’re mostly outdoor counterparts generally during the summer months to be mostly outdoor much of a problem anyway. Coming up with new and innovative ways to keep on top of this momentous task has become a market in and of itself.

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One of the best ways to bring cat fur and dander out of the area breathing is a quality air filter. There are dozens of models available in stores and online. The problem is without properly researching you could end up getting soaked for hundreds of dollars if the product doesn’t work for your specific problem so research, research, research. Once you’ve picked the air filter that you purchased for your house, remember to regularly change the filters and screens to ensure it can do its job. Also keeping the filters and fan clear, you reduce the risks of electrical fire dramatically.

Sleeping areas

If your cat or dog has a regular bed or sleeping area ensure that it is cleaned weekly. This area will be one of the biggest contributors to fur, dander, and animal associated bugs like fleas and keeping clean will give you a noticeable difference when you breathe and to the overall smell of the area. While staying on top of the job might seem impossible as pets, specifically cats, will sleep almost everywhere a little bit of daily touch-up will ensure that it never piles up too badly. Cleaning brushes and other grooming tools are also a great way to maintain a hair free home.

Use of vacuum attachments

Using special vacuum attachments designed for pet fur can really help in removing deep down pet hair in carpets, upholstery, and curtains. There really is no easier way to remove longer pet hair once they worked their way into the fabric. Once again ensure you research the product before you purchase one. In many cases you will find that just because they say they work for pet hair they don’t. Some cheaper alternatives to the vacuum attachments are lint rollers, special rubber brooms and brushes, and even strips of tape. But these are best left for use on surfaces where the hair hasn’t been embedded and is simply laying on top.

Hardwood floors & Furniture

If you have hardwood floors you know the joy of trying to keep up with your tumbleweeds, and while you might be tempted to open the front door and use a leaf blower to get rid of them there are better alternatives. While simple sweeping tends to spread the hair and send it up into the air a lightly dampened mop and do wonders. The moisture helps the fur stick to the mop without spreading, then when you’re finished simply chuck the mop head into the wash.

While some people suggest buying furniture and carpets that match the color of your animals fur, not only is this unhygienic but it can become incredibly expensive. A safer way to deal with these issues is to put down rugs that are machine washable on hardwood floors and washable blankets or slipcovers on the furniture you’re trying to protect. The wear and tear you save your furniture from alone is worth the cost of a good cover.

Keep up with brushing

Remembering that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, brushing your pets is possibly the best way animal for building up around the house. According to this article long hair cats could be brushed every single day, so be sure to allocate a sufficient amount of time for the job. By dealing with the problem of the source you will have to deal with it in the future. Shampoo, proper grooming and cutting, and the occasional brushing will save you hours in cleaning time. This may also be the best way to take the edge off any allergies you or your family might have. When buying grooming tools remember but specific tools are made for different breeds, hair lengths and species of pets. So make sure to get the right one if you want the best results.

One of the newest tools in the arsenal are robot vacuums made for pet hair. These little wonders can be left to vacuum and clean your floors on automatic schedule and don’t require any work on your part. Their small brushes and lower power make them ideal for regularly cleaning hardwood floors and short carpet. You might want to try one before you buy one make sure that’ll work on your floor types, and that they won’t scare your pets too badly.

If you simply Institute each of these tips in your home you will notice a definite change in your air quality, the smell and the overall cleanliness within days. If you can maintain these steps in the long run you may never notice pet fur or pet fur related allergies again.

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