Miele Jazz Review

Why settle for an average vacuum cleaner when you can get the best in the industry, the Miele S7280 Jazz? It delivers performance, convenience and ease of use that is simply unparalleled. Priced at around $500, it is a very close competitor of Dyson and is actually a better vacuum than the latter for a cost that is around $100 less. If you have a high budget and can afford a $500 vacuum, the Miele S7280 would be the best companion for your home.

Patented SwivelNeck technology

With the Patented SwivelNeck technology, you can enjoy extreme maneuverability, meaning you can move this machine around furniture and obstacles with just a turn of your wrist. The ultra-maneuverable swivel neck can navigate every curve, corner and edge with ease and effortless control. It can even lie flat to the floor, enabling you to reach under beds and other low furniture.

Automatic electro brush

The automatic electro brush automatically adjusts its height according to the type of surface being cleaned. This means you can move from low pile carpets to deep pile rugs without the need to change any height settings. This provides consistent suction and gentle cleaning on all types of carpets and floor coverings.

Suction level dial

The Miele S7280 features a suction level rotary dial which allows you to adjust the power of suction so that you can clean without damaging delicate fabrics and carpeting.

LED headlights

LED headlights are a huge advantage of the Miele S7280 as these can illuminate dark corners in your home, making it easy to clean.

Active HEPA filter and AirClean Sealed System

It uses a 12 stage AirClean filtration system which comprises of an Active HEPA filter and an auto-seal closing filter bag that traps and retains 99.99% fine particles, making it ideal for asthma sufferers.

Large operating radius

Coupled with a 12ft. hose, it has an operating radius of 54 ft. which allows for convenient cleaning across larger rooms and even adjacent rooms without the need to find another outlet.


The Miele S7280 is no doubt an industry leader with unsurpassed suction power, remarkable cleaning performance and effortless control. It is highly recommended for cleaning all types of carpets in medium to large households. The Miele S7280 comes with a 7 year warranty and is even tested to last 20 years.

Although its price is in the high side, its features and performance are totally worth the money. Another problem is its weight; it’s a tad heavy to carry around. However, that’s not really a problem as a vacuum with quality build is bound to be heavy.

Hence, if you want the best vacuum for your carpeted floors, the Miele S7280 is the answer.

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