Miele S7260 review

If high performance cleaning and ease of use is what you want, there can be nothing better than the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog. It combines superior cleaning performance and advanced technology with a design that is not only sleek and classy but also easy to use. The S7260 is Miele’s answer to all the problems you face when cleaning pet hair, dirt, dust, and allergens from your home. With all the advanced features and an extremely easy-to-maneuver design, Miele S7260 is certainly the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair and is ideal for pet owners.

Quite two-motor system

The S7260’s quite two motor system powers the rotary brush and suction separately, which provide the vacuum enough suction power to pick up all debris while enough strength to the brush to clean carpets deeply and loosen all deeply embedded debris from your surfaces. Plus, its quite motor is more pet friendly than other noisy vacuums. When you have a very active pet around your house, you will know how useful this feature is.

Swivel Neck design

The Swivel Neck design makes the S7260 extremely easy to maneuver around your furniture. You know how troublesome it is to clean the nooks and corners of your floors; that’s why the Swivel Neck design is a blessing in which the body of the vacuum swivels, which makes sure you don’t miss any spot on your floor. Plus, its unique flat-to-the-floor design allows you to clean under your furnishings without having to move your furniture.

Handheld mini turbo brush

The S7260 comes with a very handy mini turbo brush that makes it easy to clean pet hair, dust and dirt from your upholstery, carpeted stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas. Plus, its anti-tip parking device makes it convenient for you to use the hose and wands without the vacuum tipping over.

Air Clean Sealed System

The Air Clean Sealed system comprises of an auto-seal closing filter bag and superior HEPA filters that capture and retain all dirt, dust and allergens and prevent them from blowing back into the air you breathe. Plus, its Active AirClean Filter comprises of active charcoal layers that effectively neutralize and absorb foul pet odors. These features make it especially ideal for households with pets.

Automatic height adjustment

Whether you want to clean deep carpet piles or hardwood floors, you can do it without a second thought with the automatic height adjustment in S7260. The vacuum will automatically adjust to the type of floor being cleaned so you can smoothly transition from carpets to tiled floors without losing any suction power.

Our final thoughts

With an expensive price tag of more than $700, you will need to consider a lot when buying the Miele S7260. Truly speaking, the S7260 is all about design and ease of use. This high end vacuum is good for you if you not only want excellent cleaning performance but also ease of use and particularly a classy and well-engineered design.

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