Shark Lift-Away Review (Stairs)

Are your carpeted stairs full of dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris and allergens? Is it really hard to clean off everything from your stairs with your big vacuum? If yes, this is a common problem you are facing. Cleaning your stairs, one step at a time, with a big, chunky vacuum is no easy task. That is why the Shark Lift-Away NV356E was made with a very convenient, portable, lift away canister that makes it easy to clean steps and other off-the-floor areas in your house that need vacuuming. Since it is an upright vacuum with all the necessary features needed for both deep carpet cleaning and bare floor cleaning, this is not just a vacuum for stairs but it is an all-rounder cleaning machine that will do all your cleaning chores immaculately.

30ft. cord

The Shark Lift-Away Professional comes with a 30ft. cord that makes it ideal for cleaning stairs. You can take all the way up your stairs and even vacuum upstairs without the need to re-plug your machine.

Portable, lift-away canister

The Shark Lift-Away NV356E comes with the portable, lightweight convenience of a lift away canister that you can simply carry in one hand using the handle and clean your stairs using the hose with the other hand. You can simply push a button on the side to pop it off the floor head and it becomes a lightweight canister that you can take with you to clean your stairs, upholstery and other hard-to-reach areas.

Powerful attachments

The Shark Professional comes with powerful attachments that get attached to the hose when you are using the lift away canister. These tools include the pet power brush, crevice tool, dusting tool, and the patented dust-away attachment. The dust away attachment will be particularly valuable for non carpeted stairs as it uses powerful suction to clean up all the debris your eyes can see while a microfiber pad to clean up all the tiny particles of dust that your eyes can’t see hence, leaving your stairs perfectly clean. For carpeted stairs, you can use the pet hair power brush. The pet attachment has strong bristles that dig deep into your carpets and upholstery to extract all dirt, dust, allergens, and even pet hair.


If you want an all-rounder machine that can take care of the big cleaning jobs like cleaning the floors and also handle the small jobs like cleaning the stairs, car mats, upholstery, etc. the Shark Lift-Away NV356E is the perfect machine for you. It has the advanced features you need in a big upright floor vacuum while the portable convenience you need for doing the small jobs around your house.

With powerful attachments that include both a pet hair turbo brush and a bare floor tool, it lets you clean both carpeted and non-carpeted stairs. This is one feature that is missing in many other upright vacuums.

The only problem you will face when cleaning your stairs is when you are moving from carpeted to non-carpeted stairs. If you only have a rug running on your stairs, it will be difficult moving from bare floor to carpet as you will have to change the attachment tool to safely clean the bare floor using the dust away attachment.

Other than this one tiny problem, the Shark Lift-Away truly shines whether you want to clean whole rooms or your stairs or even small jobs around the house.

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