Shark Navigator SV1106 Review

Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum ReviewShark Navigator Freestyle delivers superior performance of Shark Navigator series combined with utmost convenience of a cordless design. You no longer have to think twice when there is a need to clean your floors. Just grab your Shark Navigator Freestyle vacuum from its charging base storage and clean whenever and wherever you want without the need to find an outlet. If you are concerned about cleaning performance, Shark Navigator Freestyle will not disappoint you.

Here is what makes the Shark Navigator Freestyle the best cordless vacuum.


Cordless vacuum is all about convenience and ease of use. There is no point of using a cordless vacuum if it is heavy to carry around. That is why the Shark Navigator Freestyle is the best cordless vacuum out there because it weighs just about 7 pounds and is very easy to carry around. Its simple and minimal design further makes it easy to use.

Fast charging time

The Shark Navigator Freestyle comes with a precision charger that only takes about 3 to 5 hours to fully recharge it. Plus, it comes with a charging base which is also used for storage so you can always keep it on charge and ready for use whenever you need it. Unlike most batteries, the 14.4V Nickel Hydride battery isn’t affected when kept on charge even when it is full. This is a very convenient feature as you don’t have to wait for your vacuum to get charged before you can clean.


When fully charged, the Shark Navigator has a runtime of 12 minutes on carpet and 17 minutes on bare floor. Although it looks less, but you can actually do a lot of cleaning with the powerful suction of this cordless vacuum. The runtime gets better after 3-4 full charges and run down cycles.

Replaceable battery

The battery is replaceable and you can easily buy a new pack for about $50. This makes it a good vacuum to use for long term.


Cordless vacuums are usually priced between $150 and $400, with the quality getting better as you move upwards in the price range. However, the Shark Navigator is priced just under $100 and gives you superior performance that you can expect from higher end models.


The Shark Navigator is a good cordless vacuum to get if your budget is under $100 and if you want a lightweight vacuum to clean your home whenever you want without dragging a chunky machine and its 50ft. cord.

However, it does have some shortcomings. Since it has no hose and attachments, it is strictly a floor cleaner. But since it is lightweight, you can use it on your stairs as well. Another problem is the runtime on carpet. Since the motorized brush spins faster when used on carpets, the battery runs out fast. 12 minute runtime might be too low for people with big houses and larger rooms to clean.

All in all, this cordless vacuum is all about convenience and ease of use. And when performance is concerned, its strong suction power, powerful brush roll, and ultra-maneuverability will not disappoint you.

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